Women’s Tour De France Cancelled For Second Year As Well

The Route De France Féminine is the stage race that acts as a descendant to the Tour de France Féminin, has been cancelled for the second year as well. This is the second time the race has been cancelled in a row after the removal of a department, which was about to host two staged of the race among the six stages.

After the race 2017 edition was cancelled in a row over dates and the decision of the UCI that is not to award World Tour status for this race, the organizers of the race have again been required to cancel the event. This cancellation is also because of withdrawal of Nievre department in central France from its hosting commitments.

It was just seven weeks left for the beginning of the race. It was scheduled to start in 5th of June. The race organizers Hervé Geradin wrote a letter stating that he had no choice but to cancel the race. He mentioned the aforementioned reason for pulling out of hosting stages at such short notice. The statement of Geradin was “The route was disclosed in March to partners, communities, teams and media and then on there was a twist. On Saturday, we first received a call and then a letter confirming the withdrawal of a community that had committed in writing to organize the two stages in Nievre.

“I have no option, and I am grateful with less than seven weeks to go to make an emergency decision. With great bitterness, I took the decision to cancel the Route De France Féminine, the 2018 edition of the race.”

“I condemn this shocking attitude, it is disapproving of the other communities that have invested time, efforts and money in this event, but also for the media, the partners and the teams as well as the whole staff of the organization.”