Pedestrian And Cycling Route

A pedestrian and cycling route will be extended and the road crossings will be improved. This is all a part of the planning that is being done to revamp the city centre junctions. The work will be done by the Leicester City Council and it will be carried out ay certain junctions such as Welford Place, Newarke Street and Pocklingtons Walk.

The main reason why this is being done is because when the tournament starts it becomes difficult for people to use the roads for their daily life and this has been a complaint for years. So this year they have finally decided to manage the cycling route along with the pedestrian route so that no one faces any kind of difficulty while travelling. With this revamping work it is expected that the area will be more accessible for both the pedestrians and also for the cyclists.

This is a huge project that has been started this year and the approximate cost to complete this project will be £550,000. The fund for such a huge amount of money will come from the Department of Transport and the work has already started for this huge project. One of the first things that will be done is the pavements and railings will be removed so that the area is more open to people and the riders.

Along with this there will be a new toucan crossing which will be installed. Apart from this one of the zebra crossings that is already there at Welford Road and Welford Place will be removed and a bus stop at Welford Place will also not be there after the renovation. The junctions of all these roads will be resurfaced so that the riders do not have any problem and there are no accidents. Traffics on these roads will be closed when the work is being done.