NY launches 1st Pro Cycling squad

Albeit cycling has been a popular sport in New York since 1890s yet in the following decades the bicycle frenzy in the city was replaced by basketball popularity. The city never had any pro cycling team .

However 2014 ushered in a phenomenal change in NY cycling sector leading to the launch of New York’s first ever professional cycling squad. The lucky team is a Manhattan-based squad named Champion System-Stan No Tubes which recently received the pro cycling license from UCI. This 2014 license permits the squad to contest on lowest pro cycling ladder, akin to the Single-A baseball level.

.Instead of contesting in Europe’s major leagues, NY’s first pro-cycling squad would be seen competing in comparatively smaller N. American cycling championships- such as Sunny King Criterium which is due on 5th April at Anniston, Ala. The team  would also participate in Tours of Utah & California as well as Colorado USA Pro Challenge, provided it qualifies for these competitions.

The Champion System-Stan No Tubes squad is co-owned by Igor Volshteyn, Mitch Jacaruso & Greg Olson. The owners are naturally delighted with their squad’s recent pro-cycling license this year and are taking the minor-league racing permit as the 1st stroke on the ride towards Tour de France.

“We are all very ambitious & are aspiring to gain a world-class status”, stated Igor. Volshteyn was recently in Arizona where the team was having its training. “That is a 10+ years away yet it’s there in our minds & it is what we wish for.”

A space in any of the high end Euro pro racing would surely infuse a fresh chapter in NY cycling’s local history. Albeit NY has been the home to some major pro cyclists throughout yet the talented locals looking forward to pro racing had to migrate to other places- since the city teams were mostly restricted to amateurs.