Natchez Public Forum To Discuss Ideas In Making The Place A Safer One For Riders

The Natchez trace has been one of the biggest concerns for the cycling authorities. It is a trace that follows throughout the National Park and later it came in picture that it was a National park trace and not an interstate road which can allow many on goers by. The cyclers have been under the scanner from quite a long period of time and this year the forum of the Natchez will be discussing all the security concern related to security concerns of the trace. The forum will be an open forum where one can discuss the points which can be done in order to increase the security of the trace. There are complains that while driving a cyclist can distract the road and hence can lead to accidents. There are other security concerns for the cyclists as they claimed that cycling in the trace is surely loved by them but it is not concerned to be a safer place to ride because of the constant traffic present over there. The drivers make it more dangerous and thus it results into a risky path to ride freely.

The trace officials will be setting up a new public forum in order to discuss the ways which can be used in setting up the rules of making this trace safer for the cyclers who want to ride in the trace. This way the people can come up with a common idea in making the trace safe. This forum will be having two sessions that is a morning session and an evening session so that more people can come to the forum and share some great ideas for making the beautiful trail safer for all kinds of driver. It will be an interesting to see what the outcome of this public forum is.