Geraint Thomas Disgusted With Spectator Selfies

The spectator selfie trend seems to be quite a menace for the participant riders of Tour de France 2014 and Geraint Thomas is clearly disgusted with it. The Sky rider, even though highly thrilled by his experiences since the start of the prestigious tour at Yorkshire yet could not help expressing his irritation with selfie maniacs along the track.

In fact, Thomas feels “selfies” constitute quite a worrying fashion for the professional riders while they are competing along the trails.

The 28-year-old Cardiff rider was one among the 3 Britons who got to the 2nd stage of the world’s most championed cycling tournament, post Mark Cavendish’s withdrawal from the race. While approached on his feelings to take part in the Tour he stressed on a goosebump-like experience. “It was kind of unbelievable sometimes”, remarked Thomas. I had goosebumps while riding towards Holme Moss & it was fantastic.”

However, he also emphasized about the selfie nuisance that disturbed him & other riders along the way.

“ It was sort of dodgy sometimes for sure. The worst bit is when spectators start posing with their back facing peloton for the selfies. There were some of them. They did not see us rushing & they kept on standing right on the track & its dodgy”, the Team Sky rider continued.

“It’s like a new pain. The selfie people just kept on standing on the gutter. They did not realize that the riders need to utilize every aspect of the cycling track. We are many in number & we use each inches of the road. If you are standing before peloton you would be able to view them but then if you one is riding two back, he can almost hit them”.

“If you are looking to do that, sit on a tree. People do not fathom that how fast we need to move & how close we could get.”