David Millar Talks Of Banned Drug Usage

David Millar was part of the British pro cycling world. Today he makes frank admittance that he did take Triamcinolone or Kenacort which had powerful effects on his mind and body.

He says that he had even resorted to the drug under a tendon issue that was a pretense. With much insight and reviews being made for use of drugs for cyclists, there have been historical findings and reviews being done on what past athletes have done. Millar for instance, has recently released an article in the New York Times where he has recounted how he got away with using Kenacort or Triamcinolone which is a banned drug. He admits that he had obtained clearance about the use of the drug on the therapeutic needs as part of a tendon treatment. This had been a false pretense.

The drug seems to be the highlight of several admissions made by athletes who have used it in the past. One of the reasons could be that the ban on the substance was not as profoundly established as it is now. There is also an ongoing investigation on Bradley Wiggins on how he received permission to use the drug on the grounds of treating allergies. Millar has talked about how he started to race professionally from 1997. He rode the rides clean, but then resorted to the drug to push the results more. He states that Kenacort usage started for him when he initially took it to counter allergies. The drug was initially prescribed to him to counter ankle injury after which he tried it for the benefits it offered. It was a proven catabolic agent, but it also suppressed the immune system. This made the system more vulnerable to infections. He thinks back to the time when he started to take it and feels that at such a time he had to take the drug.