CAS Overturns UCI’s Rule On Comeback Riders

CAS (Court of Arbitration for Sport) has reportedly overturned UCI’s controversial rules that blocked points consideration for comeback riders post dope suspensions.

The highly debated case was initiated by Benjamin Riis, the owner of Saxo Tinkoff. Riss was in serious protest against UCI’s non approval to Contador’s points for 2 years post the termination of his suspension. The team owner argued that this very decision from UCI is akin to an extra penalty imposed on the cyclists, which is completely unreasonable. As a result of the point-block, Alberto’s team was kept outside the 15 top ranking squads the previous year & had to undergo a nerve-wracking battle to come up with a stand in WorldTour 2013.

In the recent years, UCI determined teams’ WorldTour status on the basis of team points ranks. The points ruling was viewed to work as the curb on high p[profile teams that would prevent them from signing up the banned cyclists after their return.

Riis was long contemplating about initiating the case and Aberto’s situation acted as the catalyst that finally prompted him to press the case formally. “Contador is an extremely pricey rider for a team & thus inability to earn points despite his presence gets burdensome for the team to maintain its status in WorldTour”, stated Riis. “I do understand UCI’s stand yet I feel that we need to show that the ruling has to be altered.”

Riis has been open about UCI’s decision since last year. In 2012 July, the star team owner stressed that UCI was simply wasting time. “UCI follows their own vested interest while making the decisions. It would have been better had they brought more good works for cycling, instead of fighting the teams over different issues”, claimed Riis while elaborating on his opinion about UCI & its ruling.